I love December because the best day in the year is in December : Christmas. And of course, the December mini build must have been on the theme of Christmas. So the mini build is a nice rocking horse. But wait, it is not just a Christmas toy replica, it is also a nice Christmas tree ornament ! LEGO 40072 Rocking Horse

And by the way, we finally know when the LEGO Store at Disney Village will open…

The rocking horse mini build

This is a nice 32 pieces build. It is straightforward with 13 simple steps. Unfortunately, it will not rock because of a 4×4 plate used at its base to hold the rockers together. There is not really an alternative there.

Also, this is a big scale model, maybe bigger than the fisherman, the pirate and the witch. So it will not fit with the minifigures. The color scheme is exactly designed for a Christmas ornament and the string with knobs (4528331) used at its top makes it a nice Christmas tree ornament.

LEGO Store in Disney Village opening

LEGO still haven’t publicly announced the date but this is it. The members of the staff of the store in Levallois who where hired to work at Disney Village got their schedule. So, the LEGO Store in Disney Village is now scheduled to open December 30th 2013 !

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