Even if all of those tips are already available trough the the web, I made this little Google+ quick-start for those who haven’t noticed all those interesting features. Feel free to add yours in the comments if I have missed some.

Text formatting.

In the text editor, you can use a wiki-style text formatting. Use the specific characters before and after the text on which you want to apply the effect as described:

  • *bold* : set the text in bold.
  • -striked out- : strikeout the text.
  • _underlined_ : underlines the text.

Type a “+” then start typing the name of an user, Google+ will start proposing you some names. +userName will be a link to the user profile and the post will be sent to him.

Usage of circles

Circles are the main feature of Google+, and their functionality has already been documented. They offer you a way to target your post audience. So of course, a contact can be associated to different circles.

But remember that your relations on Google+ does not have to be mutual, like in Facebook. contact usage is closer to Twitter, so you can add anyone you want to your circles so you can follow their public posts. Of course, the best practice would be to have dedicated circles for those people. One of the default circle, “Following“, is made in that purpose, even if you’ll find yourself create more specific ones.


On the left, the list of circles allows you to filter the posts you’ll display. Stream will display all the posts.

If you love Vi, you will love this feature : j and k keys allows you no navigate to the following or previous post.

You have certainly noticed that the black Google Bar is always displayed. Simply click on it to jump at the top of your stream.

And do not forget…

Everything I didn’t documented here… Feel free to share your best tips.

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