This is the grand opening of a new section on Là Bas Land: Geek Garage.

Geek stuff

So, what is Geek Garage ? This is a place for anything geeky that can enter your life. Anything you could get or do. Of course, geek has become a trendy word. Anyone uses it to sell any gadget. Geeks are fond of gadgets of course, but we’ll try to stick on useful gadgets, gadgets that can change your life. This is where the Garage comes in. Awesome projects have stated in garages. Garages are modern labs. Here is your toolbox for your creations.

Married to a geek

If you are married to a geek and doe not understand why is he/she doing this, this place is also for you. Learn to understand him/her or how to bring him/her in real life activities. No, this is not dangerous for your kids or your family.

And yes, I do not consider that geeks are only male. Girls can be geek too.

Serious or not ?

Is this section serious ? Of course it is. Geeks are imaginative people. They intend to find awesome usage from where unexpected. Check the next post, you will see that a little geek touch can event find its place at your work environment.


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Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.