There is currently a discount on some Lego products on Amazon UK. The most interesting are on the Alien Conquest collection. You have the opportunity to get the Alien Mothership (7065) for only £24.99 which is a 50% discount on the regular price !

Lego Alien Conquest motehrship

The Alien Mothership

The Alien Mothership is really an great model, the design is so close to those old Hollywood movies. But beware, it is a really huge model. It is 19″ (48cm) wide and long so a little difficult to store…

Less cumbersome but just as fun, the UFO Abduction (7052) does also have an interesting discount at £16.69, and the Tripod Invader (7051) is at £13.49.

Alien Conquest is a great collection of Alien abductors invading Earth. The Mothership and the UFO Abduction sets does have light and sound bricks. Those two sets does also have something inspired from Alien’s Facehugger which comes on the head of the civilians minifigures. The Mothership’s Alien Commander would welcome as an awesome addition the Series 8 Alien Villainess.

Those are good prices even for neighbor european countries, even with the shipping, the total price will be cheaper. Don’t wait too long for it is unknown how long those prices will last. You can check the badges above which are displaying the current prices.

If you got some of those, did your kid have some fun with those or are they dedicated to those grew up with the old Hollywood martians movies ?

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