Have you ever found yourself in the need of automation ? Have then considered looking for a custom made robot ? Have you looked for how to have a home-made robot ?

Robots are used for repetitive precise actions. If you need one, of course, you should consider calling a professional. But they are expensive and you may not have the budget for it.

Today, robotic and automation can be an inexpensive hobby. And such toys can definitely be used as prototypes. On the video bellow, the lab is using Lego Mindstorms for that repetitive action. Without it, a technician would have spent his day with a stopwatch immersing that sample.

This is an awesome demonstration of how a simple hobby product can be used a serious way. Can you use it a similar way ? For me, there are two situations when you should:

  • You need to build a prototype
  • You need to often change the behavior of the automate.

In both cases, you choose some sacrifices. Precision, resistance, software optimization… That will be the cost to pay for a cheap product but of course, this will not be the choice for all situations. You will not use it for surgical automates…

Such hobby sets are not designed for production. Actually, they are neither designed for prototyping. But they can still found themselves in such usage.

Lego Mindstorms NTX 2 box.

You can find LEGO Mindstorms on Amazon for less than $290.

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