About GeekGarage

Just another About page.

Yes, every website must have its About page explaining what it is all about. Just like if you didn’t had a clue… GeekGarage… Must be something about Geeks, isn’t it ? Just like thousand other sites on the web.

Yes, that’s the problem, Geek has become a trendy word. Some time ago, it defined a person as “a computer expert or enthusiast” to “a person heavily interested in a hobby” (Wikipedia). Of course, from “computer enthusiast”, you can generalize to “technology enthusiast”. Today, the marketing people have found a gold mine in this term. Geek is no more pejorative, but does no more describe a expert or enthusiast. Today, a Geek is someone consuming technological products, following the trends without any expertise or creativity.

This is where the Garage word comes in. Garages are not only places where you store vehicles. Garages also have a connotation of creative places. That is the place GeekGarage wants to be.

Open to creativity

In GeekGarage, we’ll try to show you what other people did. We’ll try to show you how they did it. We’ll try to give you hints about doing stuff. But this is not only a place for poorly socialized people. Many Geeks are now grown up people who have built a family. How to stay a geek an keep a high WAF ? How to deal when you are married to a geek ? Those are also our concerns.

Being a woman in a Geek world

The last lines may look sexist. They are not, they are just a reality of our world where geeks are mostly male. That is why we’ll certainly most often consider a family where you ladies try to understand a geek husband. But we believe that women can also be geeks.

About Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.