The Desolation of Smaug, first trailer

Finally, here it is, the first trailer of the second part of The Hobbit is finally there. Ok, I know you, if you can’t wait, just watch it.

Yeah, I can hear some of you grumble. So, what can we expect from this second episode ?

When the story diverged

No, Legolas is not part of the book. He is the son of Thranduil, king of the Elves of the Mirkwood forest who’ll capture Thorin and his fellow dwarves. But the name of Thranduil does not appear in the book. He is referred to as the Elvenking.

Just like for the first part, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson choose to interpret the story his own way. This allows him to run 3 long movies for a single 400 pages book, but also to connect those movies to the Lord of the Rings. We have to keep in mind that most of the audience of the movies didn’t read the books. Introducing in The Hobbit characters of the Lord of the Rings is certainly the best way to keep the audience in the universe of the Middle Earth. But I do also understand that the purists will not like it.

Some hints in the Lego sets.

Those who love the LEGO Hobbit series and who didn’t read the book can locate two sets. Barrel Escape (#79004 ) and Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (#79001) are taking place in this movie.

If you watched carefully at the cover, you could have noticed the red frame designing those as Preview Sets. But if you pay attention on the minifigures from the Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (#79001) set, the elves beside Kili and Fili are also named : Legolas Greenleaf anf Tauriel. If Legolas is part of a set, it is obvious that he’ll have an important part in the movie.

Lego 79001

The set containing Legolas and Tauriel

We also learn about another important character, Tauriel. Tauriel is… Nobody… She doesn’t exist in Tolkien’s universe.

The character Tauriel


Tauriel, the new character

Tauriel is a character created from scratch by Peter Jackson. If we pay good attention on the news, Tauriel was announced back in 2011. According to the informations gathered on Wikipedia, Taurien is the head of the Elven guard. She introduces a strong female character which is also of a lower order than the elves we are accustomed to (can you name a single elf which is not noble ? ).

Another interesting point is how this character invention is received. How much is this different from the others ? After all, many characters have been rewritten, starting with Azog. Talking about Azog, Yazneg, his right hand, is also a totally made up character. Tauriel may take an important part in the movie, but so does Legolas. Tolkien named only a few elves in The Hobbit (I can remember only of Elrond), so this can be an acceptable adaptation of any elf.

Even if the purists will dislike it, this trailer let us expect a good entertainment just like the first part. We just have to wait until the 13th of December to watch the Desolation of Smaug.

But wait… We spent so much time arguing about what shouldn’t be in the movie, didn’t we missed the Dragon ?

About Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

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