October mini build at the Lego Store

If you had to choose a theme for the month of October, which one should it be ? Yes, of course, Halloween ! So, this month’s minibuild at the LEGO Store was a nice green witch.

LEGO 40070 witch

The Witch (D.Stankovski

This is a 22 pieces build, and another big scale model.

The minibuild

LEGO 40070 instructions excerpt

Instructions excerpt.

Compared to last month’s pirate and its 44 pieces, this is a simpler model. The kids took less time to build it even if there are some disturbing steps like putting the arms. The problem is at step 4, shown here (you can get the full instructions from LEGO), when assembling the black bricks. Kids usually press the black brick but do not hold the green plates, dismounting nearly everything.

At our local LEGO Store (Levallois Peret, France), the staff is great and the people animating the workshop are patient to help the kids. So this is the step where usually have to help

At the end, we have a good looking witch. Of course, this is the big scale design of the witch minifigure from Series 2, which can also be found in the Halloween Accessory Set (love the tombstone from this one). And maybe a good addition for your Halloween ornaments.

LEGO minibuild 40070 witches comparison

The minibuild 40070 next to the minifigure witch (D.Stankovski)

Halloween and Thanksgiving

This month, there are interesting polybags at the LEGO Store. On the Halloween theme, there is a giant pumpkin. It may also be a good ornament, but I kept my money on this one.

Actually, there are two polybags on thanksgiving theme this month. I know, for our friends from the US, Thanksgiving is in November, but for our other friends from Canada, it is in October… An honestly, who cares, roasted turkey is great anytime. And of course, one of this polybag is a big scale turkey ! Fun for the display.

Thanksgiving Feast 40056

The Thanksgiving Feast polybag 40056 (D.Stankovski)

But the best is the Thanksgiving Feast Polybag (40056). Among the 46 pieces, you have (aside the 2 minifigures) one carrot, one pie, 3 sausages, one bread (looking like a french baguette), one gold plate, 2 bottles, 2 clear mugs, one pan, one keg, two cats and of course, a turkey ! For the table there are also 2 6×1 black arches. This is really a great polybag for the accessories.

About the LEGO Store in Disney Village

December 4th update: for the opening date, see the December mini build post.

Going at the LEGO Store was a good occasion to ask for news about the LEGO Store in Disney Village. A month ago, the ceiling collapsed delaying the opening of this second LEGO Store near Paris. Some members of the staff had to work there, unfortunately, they don’t have much informations. The work on the site resumed, and they hope an opening before Christmas. And they have to if they don’t want to miss the most lucrative period of the year. So we wish them to succeed.

But having such a discussion highlighted a bad management of the opening delay from LEGO. The opening was announced on the September newsletter. But LEGO never communicated about the delay, so those who are not following LEGO dedicated blogs didn’t knew about it and some got there on September 27… You can imagine the disappointment… From my personal opinion, LEGO is a great brand, they have great products, a great customer service and a great staff in their stores, but they really need to improve in communication…

About Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

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