For the latest information about the LEGO Store opening in Disneyland Village, see my December mini build post.

Several days ago, I reported the opening date of the next LEGO Store near Paris. That event was announced on the September’s LEGO newsletter. It is very exciting as this is supposed to be the biggest LEGO Store near Paris with a huge Showroom, near the greatest happiness and dream factory in the world.

Unfortunately, that opening is delayed due to an accident on the site.

Two weeks ago, the ceiling collapsed on the working site, slightly injuring one worker. The french website Disney Gazette posted an article with pictures before and after the accident (you can see a bigger image on the link).

LEGO Store before

The LEGO Store, September 7 (Disney Gazette)

LEGO Store after

The LEGO Store, September 14 (Disney Gazette)

Impressive but the only casualty is a slightly injured worker. Of course, this is delaying the opening as all they have to go trough all the legal stuff.

According to the french forum Disney Central Plazza, we’ll have to wait two more months before the opening of this store. At the time being, we still haven’t got any official new date and we shouldn’t expect one in the following days.

Such accident may happen anytime. I am sorry for the injured worker, and I am certain that some customers may be frustrated with this delay. But it is better to have happened this way rather than after the opening. This store is located in Disney Village, a place full of tourists with their kids. The same accident on a busy day would have been much more catastrophic.

So, we’ll have to wait before being able to go either for a minibuild and ride with Buzz Lightyear. In the meantime, I wonder what will be the consequences for the companies involved. This accident is for now really damaging for LEGO as they will miss Halloween, which is a big event there, and a lot of Christmas shopping period…

Wait and see now…

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