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What’s wrong into Darkness ?

Into DarknessI just went to see the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. This is the second movie of the rebooted Star Trek happening in an alternative universe as Spock travelled back in time and a lot of things changed. This is all happening in the first movie Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness is the first movie resuming the original storyline. One of the main reason why this is a great movie is because of the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain which is supposed to be… Khan. In this introduction, I’ll say that the movie is a good entertainment. But it may fail to convince the Trekkies who are attached to their universe. Also, to be a fun entertainment  there are a lot of plot holes. This is what the article is all about.

But beware if you want to go further, because as you may expect, the rest of this article is a major spoiler !. You’ve been warned.

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The Iron Kingdoms on Kindle.

Skull Island Expeditions is an imprint of Privateer Press producing fantasy fiction. Their first 3 novels are now available on Kindle trough the Amazon.

The Devil's Pay cover.

The Devil’s Pay cover.

Privateer Press is certainly the first table top miniature games company to take advantage of modern devices. War Room, their card library app was published last summer. This April, trough Skull Island Expeditions, they are focusing on publishing books on digital format.

Their first 3 books are available on Kindle for a reasonable price, $5.14. Kindle is not limited to Amazon’s tablets. You can find the app for your Android or iOS device. You are allowed to get the book on multiple devices so you can start reading on one and continue on another. You are also allowed to lend the book.

You can still save $0.15 per book if you want to buy them trough Skull Island Expeditions site. The books are available in pdf, mobi or epub.

If you want to dive deeper in the universe of the Iron Kingdoms, those books are for you. Feel free to tell us how you enjoyed them.

HelpBridge, the emergency app you will not use during a disaster

Microsoft just unveiled a emergency disaster app, HelpBridge. HelpBridge have two main functions as you are caught in a disaster or want to help. So it makes easier to send a message to a list of selected contacts should it be by e-mail or text message. It also provides a list of non-profit organizations involved in disasters help so you can find all the informations to help. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it ?

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Snapseed, from iOs to Android

This year, Google acquired Nik Software. Nik Software is lately renown on iOs for their awesome photo editing app, Snapseed. Needless to say that every photographer expected to see this app coming on Android devices. This Thursday, Google updated the iOs app and of course, released Snapseed on Google Play. I will not have an extended review in this blog post, if I wanted so, I would have posted this on my photography blog. If you don’t know Snapseed, there are other great reviews on the web. Actually, there is far more interesting about this app. As everybody see that Google try to challenge Instagram, there is a lot to learn from the evolution of this app, should it be from the user or the developer point of view.

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War Room review

War Room has just been released on the App Store and Google Play. War Room is an app dedicated to Privateer Press games, Warmachine and Hordes. The app main purpose is to be a card library, an in such a way, an army list manager. Of course, Warmachine and Hordes players could already use their mobile devices for their favorite games. IBodger was available on the App Store for a long time and was ported on the Android Market pretty fast. Its main purpose was to be an army lists manager. Of course, as an non-official work, there where limits. First, the visual design was pretty poor. Second, players didn’t have access to profiles details, I suppose for a question of License agreement. Although, the app did what it was designed for and did it right.

War Room main screen

War Room main screen

As Privateer Press decided to edit it’s own app, they requested the author of iBodger to stop working on it. So, War room was awaited since last january. Lets see what it does have to offer.

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