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Google Glass

Glass intro video on the new YouTube channel

Google Glass promo


You certainly heard about Google Glass, the next outstanding stuff from Google. Glass is a wearable computer to be used on… glasses. It is a head-mounted display you’ll have right in front of your eye all the time, everywhere. And when I say everywhere, you can ask Robert Scoble (don’t follow this link if you are sensitive…) about what I mean.

But only a few privileged can wear this device. If you are not among those 1.500 explorers, you are certainly wondering what you can really do with this.

Google has just opened a dedicated YouTube Channel an released the first video. Now you can see the basic feature and especially, the control trough the touchpad.

I hope we’ll learn more soon. Google Glass will not be available before next year, are you looking forward to get it ?

Nik Collection, now by Google.

In a previous post, since Google dropped Snapseed on Windows and OsX, I questioned the future of Nik softwares. We didn’t have to wait long to see what Google made of the other tools. From a post on Google+ earlier today we got good news.

HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Color Efex Pro 4, Viveza 2 and Dfine 2 have all been bundled together in a set of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. The bundle costs $149. That was the price for a single software, the entire bundle costed $499. Those softwares will not be discontinued, and are now cheaper.

Recently, Ken Kaminesky made a nice review of Silver Efex Pro. Besides, you can try the bundle for 15 days if you want. Just check the Nik Collection by Google for more informations.

In the meantime, Snapseed was updated both on iOs and Android. Retrolux filters are now available on Android, and on both versions, you can adjust the size of the borders (this feature was lost in the first upgrade by Google). Today, both versions are equal.

Google is dropping Snapseed…

…on Windows and OsX. Last year, Google acquired Nik Software which was publishing, among others, Snapseed, on of the most emblematic app on iOs, chosen as app of the year 2011 on the App Store. At the end of December, Google updated the iOs version of Snapseed and published the Play Store version. Yesterday, Google published the list of their last discontinued services and apps. Google Reader draw all the attention, but among the other services, we can see Snapseed on Windows and OsX.

The first consequence is that Snapseed was already removed from the Mac App Store. If you bought the app and you appreciate it, make a copy as you’ll be unable to reinstall it from the Mac App Store. This is certainly the most boring consequence of this decision.

But what can we expect about the iOs and Android version ? There is most certainly nothing to fear about it as Google made this app as an entry point for photo posting on Google Plus. Google is making all the efforts to promote Google Plus, and Sanpseed is one of their best assets among photographers.

Snapseed on desktop

Image manipulation on the desktop version of Snapseed (Nik Software).

Personally, I didn’t used Snapseed on a desktop. But the approach looked promising. I don’t say that it could have leveled up to be a competitor to Photoshop but, who knows ? Google is not a desktop software company, so it may have been expected that they would have not kept that software. But Nik Software is not only Snapseed… What about the acclaimed Dfine or the EFEX line ? Google is not an image manipulation software company, they bought Nik Software for their skills, not to improve the photo software market. The ported Snapseed to Android to provide the best iOs image manipulation app to Android and to open a gate for image publishing on Google Plus. All the web was considering Snapseed on Android as a competitor to Instagram. But today, we may have serious questions about the other desktop softwares. Google didn’t said anything about them, so, we’ll just have to wait and see…

… but not that long…

Would you miss Snapseed on Destop ?

Snapseed, from iOs to Android

This year, Google acquired Nik Software. Nik Software is lately renown on iOs for their awesome photo editing app, Snapseed. Needless to say that every photographer expected to see this app coming on Android devices. This Thursday, Google updated the iOs app and of course, released Snapseed on Google Play. I will not have an extended review in this blog post, if I wanted so, I would have posted this on my photography blog. If you don’t know Snapseed, there are other great reviews on the web. Actually, there is far more interesting about this app. As everybody see that Google try to challenge Instagram, there is a lot to learn from the evolution of this app, should it be from the user or the developer point of view.

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Google+ quick start guide

Even if all of those tips are already available trough the the web, I made this little Google+ quick-start for those who haven’t noticed all those interesting features. Feel free to add yours in the comments if I have missed some.

Text formatting.

In the text editor, you can use a wiki-style text formatting. Use the specific characters before and after the text on which you want to apply the effect as described:

  • *bold* : set the text in bold.
  • -striked out- : strikeout the text.
  • _underlined_ : underlines the text.

Type a “+” then start typing the name of an user, Google+ will start proposing you some names. +userName will be a link to the user profile and the post will be sent to him.

Usage of circles

Circles are the main feature of Google+, and their functionality has already been documented. They offer you a way to target your post audience. So of course, a contact can be associated to different circles.

But remember that your relations on Google+ does not have to be mutual, like in Facebook. contact usage is closer to Twitter, so you can add anyone you want to your circles so you can follow their public posts. Of course, the best practice would be to have dedicated circles for those people. One of the default circle, “Following“, is made in that purpose, even if you’ll find yourself create more specific ones.


On the left, the list of circles allows you to filter the posts you’ll display. Stream will display all the posts.

If you love Vi, you will love this feature : j and k keys allows you no navigate to the following or previous post.

You have certainly noticed that the black Google Bar is always displayed. Simply click on it to jump at the top of your stream.

And do not forget…

Everything I didn’t documented here… Feel free to share your best tips.

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