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Tag: Internet of things

Reuse your Mir:ror in Pyhton

The Mir:ror is an RFID reader produced by the company Violet, which also produced the Nabaztag. With the idea of the Internet of Things in mind, this device is a mass-market RFID reader really easy to use. You just have to connect it to your computer via USB, and associate any RFID tag to an action trough Violet’s website.

But here is the problem. Since the service is hosted on a remote server run by a service provider, how can you be sure of how long the service will be provided ? The company Violet does not exist anymore, so the device had become useless.

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Make your computer talk to your Arduino, in Python.

At Europython 2012, I attended a talk about Python and the Arduino which motivated me to make my computer talk to my Arduino. Actually, using Python, it is pretty straightforward. This would bring some opportunities to have a real interaction between the computer and the physical world.

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