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Create your first SourceUrl object.

We have defined our model and created the database tables. But we still didn’t completed the User Story we’ve defined. Using Django, having our model, we’ll just let the framework do the job.

Other frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Grails follow the Convention over Configuration paradigm for that purpose. Django is a little different. Instead of providing a scaffold for forms and display pages, it do provide an entire backend, the admin site.

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HelpBridge, the emergency app you will not use during a disaster

Microsoft just unveiled a emergency disaster app, HelpBridge. HelpBridge have two main functions as you are caught in a disaster or want to help. So it makes easier to send a message to a list of selected contacts should it be by e-mail or text message. It also provides a list of non-profit¬†organizations involved in disasters help so you can find all the informations to help. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it ?

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Snapseed, from iOs to Android

This year, Google acquired Nik Software. Nik Software is lately renown on iOs for their awesome photo editing app,¬†Snapseed. Needless to say that every photographer expected to see this app coming on Android devices. This Thursday, Google updated the iOs app and of course,¬†released Snapseed on Google Play. I will not have an extended review in this blog post, if I wanted so, I would have posted this on my photography blog. If you don’t know Snapseed, there are other great reviews on the web. Actually, there is far more interesting about this app. As everybody see that Google try to challenge Instagram, there is a lot to learn from the evolution of this app, should it be from the user or the developer point of view.

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