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Smores banner

Smores at home

Smores over barbecue

Make your Smores everywhere.

What is the really best thing in life where you are around a campfire ? Guitars and songs ? Naaa… Smores of course. Those tasty sandwiches of roasted Marshmallows with chocolate between two crackers… Even if it is fun to be around a campfire, you need a fire to roast your marshmallows. Making them at home isn’t that easy and may be messy. We can even say dangerous with kids around.

Well, that was until now. Well, there are lots of smore cookers, but here is maybe the only one you can use everywhere. And yes, even on a barbecue, so maybe the best gift for Father’s day from any GeeKid. 

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Unpack

Galaxy S4 black

The Galaxy S 4 in black.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Unpack event just finished. It will certainly remain in history as the worst show ever. But no matter, we watched it for the product, the new Galaxy S 4. First, this was a Samsung product presentation, if you expected something about Android, forget it. The first time we heard Android was after 47 minutes and we’ll only see the Play Store icon in a glimpse. This is expected as for every manufacturer, Android is disappearing. But still, the S 4 will come with Android 4.2.2 JellyBean, so up to date.

Of course, the S4 does have a better hardware. Samsung is a manufacturer, so the first thing we expect is the hardware. But for real details, we’ll have to wait for the benchmarks. All this event focused on the software layer. The new Galaxy S4 is not only a new phone, it is a full Samsung product with its own softwares.

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Lego advent calendars 2012

So here we are at Christmas Eve. All advent calendar windows have been opened and we finally have the whole set. This is the right time for an overview of the entire set. Of course, you may have already followed the day to day review on other sites, but it is also nice to see the entire set offered.

Lego advent calendars

Each year, you can get advent calendars from Lego. Those are boxes with a windows to open each day of December until Christmas. Each windows contains some bricks which are a simple model. This year, you could choose between three Lego themes: City, Star Wars and friends.

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