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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm opening cinematic

Blizzard just released the opening cinematic of the first expansion of Starcraft II. As this game focus on Kerrigan as she seek for her revenge against the treacherous dictator of the Koprulu sector, Arcturus Mengsk, we got here what we could expect: an epic Zerg rush.

Now some of you may also enjoy this cinematic if they are Warhammer 40 players. This is the kind of assault the Tyranids should do.

The game will be released on March 12 but you can preorder on Amazon the classic edition or the Collector’s Edition

From the comments on You Tube, this is a really expected game. So, who’s back on the battlefield ?

Bringing some action on a Warhammer 40k table.

Two days ago, I showed you the crazy Lego Bolter pistol. The author is a total Warhammer 40k fan and has previously built an awesome scale model of a Land Raider.

But no, not a simple scale model. Check his video…

Yes, that stuff is motorized… Not just the caterpillars, but also all the guns. I wonder if this would be accepted in tournaments…

If you want to build something similar, you’ll need some bricks. Check out the Lego Store on Amazon. Lego provides the Power Function Accessory box (8293)to power up your creations.

What will you build ?

Go live for the Emperor… in bricks

Lego fans are very creative. Warhammer players are very passionates. When you are a Lego fan and a Warhammer 40000 fan, what does it gives ? Actually, something like what this guy created…

This is a really awesome work. And the most amazing is that this model have some mechanical parts. Yes of course, it does not really fires the Bolts, but the gameplay could be there.

If you had to choose between a customized Nerf’s Maverick or build this kind of gun out of bricks, which option would you choose ?

You want to start building something like that ? Get some bricks at the Lego Store from Amazon.

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