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LEGO Minifigures Series 12 revealed

From Brick Fanatics, this is the first image of the minifigures Series 12 from minifigures series 12

I don’t really know what to think about this series. Of course, the panda guy is awesome. The 3 zombies are a great addition for all of us who are looking for a zombie outbreak scene. I missed the first Mexican guy, so that is a nice one for me. William Shakespeare will fit with the actor.¬†Abraham Lincoln is great for his beard. But I’m not into the rest… We have plenty of cops in the City boxes, just as the construction workers. Actually, their asset is the phones ūüôā

Actually, this is the opinion everyone will have seeing this series. If you are a LEGO fan, you may really love this series as most of the figures comes from the LEGO Movie.

What do you think about Series 12 ?

IPhone 5 Crocs Edition

After each Apple’s keynote, it is the time to criticize the new products. Not innovating enough, not powerful enough, still the same… From several years, Apple is criticized for its apparent immobility which can give us some nice videos like this one.

But this year, Apple changed one design, and there is one inspiration which is obvious. This is about the iPhone 5C. If you think that the C stands for Color, you are all wrong. The C is for iPhone 5 Crocs Edition…

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LEGO Minifigures series 11 are coming in September

From the LEGO’s Facebook page, this is now official. The Minifigures Series 11 is coming, officially starting September 1st. So, this list is now official.

LEGO Minifigures Serie 11

Early visual of LEGO Minifigure Serie 11

You can see all the list on LEGO’s page. If you are still looking for Mr Gold, you can still get the Series 10.

The Iron Kingdoms on Kindle.

Skull Island Expeditions is an imprint of Privateer Press producing fantasy fiction. Their first 3 novels are now available on Kindle trough the Amazon.

The Devil's Pay cover.

The Devil’s Pay cover.

Privateer Press is certainly the first table top miniature games company to take advantage of modern devices. War Room, their card library app was published last summer. This April, trough Skull Island Expeditions, they are focusing on publishing books on digital format.

Their first 3 books are available on Kindle for a reasonable price, $5.14. Kindle is not limited to Amazon’s tablets. You can find the app for your Android or iOS device. You are allowed to get the book on multiple devices so you can start reading on one and continue on another. You are also allowed to lend the book.

You can still save $0.15 per book if you want to buy them trough Skull Island Expeditions site. The books are available in pdf, mobi or epub.

If you want to dive deeper in the universe of the Iron Kingdoms, those books are for you. Feel free to tell us how you enjoyed them.

Upgrade to Mindstorms ev3 this year

Lego just started the buzz, should it be on their Google+ page or on their Facebook. Both of them provides links to their short announcement. So Le Mindstorms ev3 will be available soon. How soon ? From the media release, the ev3 set will be available in the second half 2013.

The content will be similar to the NXT 2 box, which means the programable brick, 3 motors and 4 sensors. It seems that there will be a remote control, which wasn’t included in the NXT 2 box. Actually, the sensors will be 2 touch sensors, an improved (compared to the NXT 2.0) color sensor and an infrared beacon.

Lego Mindstorms ev3

Lego Mindstorms ev3 preview

The programable brick have been improved not only in performances, but also with an SD expansion slot, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. They also say that the brick is compatible with iOs and Android out of the box, but I suppose that this means that Lego’s apps will be available. Of course, you’ll can connect up to 4 other bricks to one programable brick.

And yes, the system will be backward-compatible with existing Lego Mindstorms NXT.

There are some photos of what will be available in this Flickr gallery. There is no information if it is the content of the box or not, but if it is, there are some inconsistencies with what was published on other sources.¬†First, it is nice to see that the¬†ultrasonic sensor¬†is still there (and believe me, this is a useful sensor). It seems to be only one touch sensor and I can’t identify the one with the two arrows (the IR beacon ? ). There seem to be only two motors as we knew them, even if the third device seem also to be a motor as we can guess from the photo of the crane. Finally, we got a view of the¬†the remote control.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

From the pictures, we can also see that the motors are bigger (more power ? ), but all the bricks have kept the same pattern. You’ll be able to connect them exactly as the old NXT ones with one difference: the central hole is no more a circular one but a cross shaped one. I think that this will make sensors orientation easier.

The set is supposed to come with 560 technic elements and from the photos, lot of gears ! I missed gears in the NXT 2.0 box, so this should be nice. Also, the tracks have been replaced with the modern technic ones.

This looks like a great set for all robotics amateurs. But also for all geeks. As the new ev3 programable brick is based on a Linux, we can expect grater hacks of this device. The set will be available on second half 2013 with a price of $350 (USD) or ‚ā¨350.

Mindstorms NXT 2.0 are still available either on or Amazon UK. You may want to have a look on their prices but it is uncertain if the price will drop or not. Anyway, as the motors, sensors and of course, technic elements are compatible, you should grab one of those boxes as they are cheaper than the ev3 set.

Lego advent calendars 2012

So here we are at Christmas Eve. All advent calendar windows have been opened and we finally have the whole set. This is the right time for an overview of the entire set. Of course, you may have already followed the day to day review on other sites, but it is also nice to see the entire set offered.

Lego advent calendars

Each year, you can get advent calendars from Lego. Those are boxes with a windows to open each day of December until Christmas. Each windows contains some bricks which are a simple model. This year, you could choose between three Lego themes: City, Star Wars and friends.

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The first French LEGO Store opens near Paris.

This article is also available in french.

As expected, the first french LEGO Store opened on october the 18th in the city of Levallois-Perret, north west of Paris. The mall So Ouest in which the store is located is not close to the touristic locations. If you are not used to the public transportation in Paris, you should double check the web site of the mall before trying to get there, especially to get the best directions.

The Lego Store in the Mall

The Lego Store in the Mall

So, what can we found in this store once we got there ?

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Tumbler and Bat approaching

This is an awesome news for every Batman and Lego fan. As Lego has the License from DC Comics for Batman (and Superman), there was no set including anything from the movies. A lot of fans where awaiting for the Tumbler, which is the Batmobile from Batman Begins. Some really skilled Lego Builders have already built such models. _Tiler flickr page is full of such creations. He does have a really nice Bat, an awesome Bane’s truck and of course, different amazing versions of the Tumbler.

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Does Lego consider girls being greatest geeks than boys ?

Recently, the Lego group announced the opening of the first store in France, near Paris. Trough the¬†referred¬†article, we learned that Lego have finally found its product for your girls trough the Friends series. More girly colors, doll-looking minifigures, horse riding and fashion shows… We are far away from the cops of City or the light sabers of Star Wars. But still, we stay in the brick world of Lego as¬†everything¬†must be built. The numbers shows that this products does sell well, but they do not show if girls are builders too or if thy just play in a set built by their dad or brother.

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Lego Alien Conquest, temporary discount on Amazon UK

There is currently a discount on some Lego products on Amazon UK. The most interesting are on the Alien Conquest collection. You have the opportunity to get the Alien Mothership (7065) for only £24.99 which is a 50% discount on the regular price !

Lego Alien Conquest motehrship

The Alien Mothership

The Alien Mothership is really an great model, the design is so close to those old Hollywood movies. But beware, it is a really huge model. It is 19″ (48cm) wide and long so a little difficult to store…

Less cumbersome but just as fun, the UFO Abduction (7052) does also have an interesting discount at £16.69, and the Tripod Invader (7051) is at £13.49.

Alien Conquest is a great collection of Alien abductors invading Earth. The Mothership and the UFO Abduction sets does have light and sound bricks. Those two sets does also have something inspired from Alien’s Facehugger which comes on the head of the civilians minifigures. The Mothership’s Alien Commander would welcome as an awesome addition the Series 8¬†Alien Villainess.

Those are good prices even for neighbor european countries, even with the shipping, the total price will be cheaper. Don’t wait too long for it is unknown how long those prices will last. You can check the badges above which are displaying the current prices.

If you got some of those, did your kid have some fun with those or are they dedicated to those grew up with the old Hollywood martians movies ?

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