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Does Lego consider girls being greatest geeks than boys ?

Recently, the Lego group announced the opening of the first store in France, near Paris. Trough the referred article, we learned that Lego have finally found its product for your girls trough the Friends series. More girly colors, doll-looking minifigures, horse riding and fashion shows… We are far away from the cops of City or the light sabers of Star Wars. But still, we stay in the brick world of Lego as everything must be built. The numbers shows that this products does sell well, but they do not show if girls are builders too or if thy just play in a set built by their dad or brother.

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Lego 80th birthday

This 10th of august 2012 was Lego’s 80th birthday. For the occasion, they released a little animated film telling the story of how it all began.

Ok, it is a promotional video as you can notice at the ending. But no matter, it is really interesting to see how a company knew how to renew itself and is still today one of the leading in its market.

If you are looking for some of their sets, you can check the Lego Shop on Amazon.

Did you build something special to celebrate their 80th birthday ?

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