Into DarknessI just went to see the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. This is the second movie of the rebooted Star Trek happening in an alternative universe as Spock travelled back in time and a lot of things changed. This is all happening in the first movie Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness is the first movie resuming the original storyline. One of the main reason why this is a great movie is because of the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain which is supposed to be… Khan. In this introduction, I’ll say that the movie is a good entertainment. But it may fail to convince the Trekkies who are attached to their universe. Also, to be a fun entertainment  there are a lot of plot holes. This is what the article is all about.

But beware if you want to go further, because as you may expect, the rest of this article is a major spoiler !. You’ve been warned.

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