If you don’t go to any warm country to see wild animals, this month, you should bring your kid to the Lego Store. The minibuild is a very nice looking pink flamingo.

LEGO 40068 Flamingo

The Flamingo (D.Stankovski)

This 31 pieces build is easy and is more than 3 in tall.

Remember that you have until the end of the month to download the instructions. The parts are common but I really don’t know if you’ll find them in pink… Maybe in the Friends range. Remember that this workshop is meant for kids to learn to build, so this model is really interesting as the build is oriented horizontally (the beak should be the top, the tail should be the bottom).

This month, I am not really eager with the free gifts, especially the Mech as you have to spend $50 for it. On the opposite, the Ice Cream Stand is a nice polybag available for very cheap. Purchase anything from the LEGO Friends range and you got it. So we took the LEGO Hedgehog Hideaway Playset (yes, it is overpriced on Amazon compared to the Lego Store). Even if you don’t like the Friends range, you can get interesting parts, starting with the ice cream and the cone.

LEGO 30106 Ice Cream Stand

The Ice Cream Stand (D.Stankovski)

Finally, this was not an expensive day and we got some nice bricks. Ok, i admit, as you can see on the pictures, I took a bucket at the Pick-a-Brick. I’m weak, but they had some very interesting bricks 🙂

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