This video was published two days ago, and it already hits all the headlines. Lego genius Akiyuki built this awesome… hem… thing. The whole thing really looks like a production line with different modules, with the product going from module to module. Actually, Akiyuki seems to be a student in mechanics, at least that is what I do understand from Google translation of his blog which is in Japanese.

The machine total size is 5 by 21 feet (1.5 meters by 6.5 meters) for a total length of 101.7 feet (31 meters). It is composed by 17 modules, and each module is an awesome implementation of a mechanical device. Some of those modules have their own video, if you are interested in mechanics, you should check them. This video should be kept by every Lego Technics builder as a handbook for each module. Well, be aware that this build take him 600 hours over 2 years. Some parts have found inspiration in other builders work, but the whole result is awesome.

Now, your turn to build. If you haven’t got the stuff you need, you can start with the Lego Store on Amazon or on the LEGO Store.

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