LEGO revealed at the Comic Con their next universe, Mixels.

LEGO Mixels

Teaser image on the official site.

There is no informations about this new range of products except that it should be available in spring 2014 with a partnership with Cartoon Network. That is all we can find on the new dedicated page. But already, there is something I find cool in this range of products…

Those are action figures, just like the old Bionicle line and the current Hero Factory. But at a smaller size with common bricks. So this should be a nice line of products of action figures for kids. They should be really easy to customize and this totally weird design can leave a lot os space for creativity.

From the Brickset page, they noticed that the legal statement looks like the IP belongs to LEGO, so this may not be a licensed lines, which means that they should be available at a decent price.

The first spotted picture was posted on Instagram, so let me share it with the new embedding feature from Instagram so those of you who are Instagram user may comment or like the original poster.

Today, LEGO have posted other pictures of those 3 folks and published more details.

Mixels Seismo

LEGO Mixels Seismo (LEGO)

Mixels Flain

LEGO Mixels Flain (LEGO)

Mixels Volectro

LEGO Mixels Volectro (LEGO)

What do you thing about those figures ?

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