Smores over barbecue

Make your Smores everywhere.

What is the really best thing in life where you are around a campfire ? Guitars and songs ? Naaa… Smores of course. Those tasty sandwiches of roasted Marshmallows with chocolate between two crackers… Even if it is fun to be around a campfire, you need a fire to roast your marshmallows. Making them at home isn’t that easy and may be messy. We can even say dangerous with kids around.

Well, that was until now. Well, there are lots of smore cookers, but here is maybe the only one you can use everywhere. And yes, even on a barbecue, so maybe the best gift for Father’s day from any GeeKid. 

There are several ways to make tasty Smores at home. Browsing the web, I’ve found a nice tutorial. This comes with a nice video.

But this is still a kind of messy at home and even dangerous because of the fire. So, here comes the S’more maker from S’more to love.

Smore maker

S’more Maker from Smore to Love.

This is really the perfect design. You can make up to six smores at a time by securing them in their holders. There is no risk they fall apart. As it is all metallic, you can use it at home in the oven, toaster oven, grill, or even outside on a barbecue or even next to a campfire…

Ok, there may be one drawback. Melting the marshmallow over an open fire is the fun part of smores. So maybe don’t use it with a campfire, keep the fun there. In most other situations, and especially with kids, it is more secure if you can prevent the kids from touching the hot metal. Well, if you are into barbecues, you know what to do.

The S’more maker can be ordered from Amazon. There is also a smaller model in which you can make up to four S’mores.

Father’s day and summer is coming, wouldn’t this make a great gift ?

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