Long awaited by its fans, The Hobbit, prelude to the Lord of the Rings, is finally coming to a theater near your. Released last night, the trailer invites us for new adventures in Middle Earth. Are you ready for a journey there and back again ?

Thorin and Company

Thorin and Company (Warner Bros)

J.R.R. Tolkien‘s The Hobbit may be lesser known than his masterwork, The Lord of the Rings. This book is about the first journey of Bilbo Baggins, recruited on the good advice of the Wizard Gandalf by a throng of dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield. Of course, adventure awaits them. Bilbo will find a ring from which will spring the other epic tale.

The trailer is featured as any other trailer of the Lord of the Rings. And the first feeling that comes is the excitement for a new great adventure. We have to admit that at the end of the Return of the King, we followed Frodo after his quest and felt the end of it. After following him and his fellowship in dangerous places and being by his side when Middle Earth was saved from Sauron, we couldn’t simply get back to a normal life. So, now as the Dwarves are invading Bag-End, we can only feel the excitement of adventure calling.

The The Lord of the Rings motion picture featured an awesome Soundtrack composed by Howard Shore. And the trailer let us expect a great soundtrack for this movie either, especially because the Dwarves from the book are great musicians. Following the characters introduction, they start to sing their song, song which would melt with Howard Shore’s epic tones. J.R.R. Tolkien was also a poet and his poems are the most important in this tale. This is from where we can understand the Dwarves quest. If we can hear only one and a half verses of “Far over the misty mountains cold…“, the editing lets us expect to hear more from this dark and gloomy song. This song allows us to have a peek to those known places. The ruins, dungeons, hidden dangers… But also Rivendell and Lothlorien, the broken Sword of Gondor (which is not in the book), Sting and Lady Galadriel… The adventures is calling us, but we will have to wait until the 12th of December 2012…

Until then, lets those who haven’t seen the trailer watch it, and the others, watch it again.

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