This is an awesome news for every Batman and Lego fan. As Lego has the License from DC Comics for Batman (and Superman), there was no set including anything from the movies. A lot of fans where awaiting for the Tumbler, which is the Batmobile from Batman Begins. Some really skilled Lego Builders have already built such models. _Tiler flickr page is full of such creations. He does have a really nice Bat, an awesome Bane’s truck and of course, different amazing versions of the Tumbler.

So, from the news over at FBTB, here comes the official set including those amazing vehicles, The Bat vs. Bane : Tumbler Chase. This set will include both vehicles along with Batman, Bane and Commissioner Gordon. The author of the post looks to be disappointed about the vehicles, especially about the Tumbler which look really tiny.

Tumbler chase box.

Nevertheless, this is a long awaited set with nice vehicles for a decent price ($ 39.99). You may have a a lot of Banman minifigures. Bane is included in the set The Batcave which is available for $ 58 on Amazon. Commissioner Gordon is not available in any current set.

This box was unveiled at the New York ComicCon and is not the only one. If you are a Marvel addict, a new Spider-Man set will be available: Daily Bugle Showdown with Spidey, Doctor Doom, Jonah Jameson, Nova and Beetle. This set will be available for $ 49.99.

A new licence is stepping into Lego’s world with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which are coming with the Shellraiser Street Chase set. Available for $ 59.99, you will get only two out of the four pizza-eaters, which are Leonardo and Michelangelo.

Finally, there was also a preview of two sets from Middle Earth. Not from the Lord of the Rings but from the Hobbit, which will hit the screens in December. Riddle for the Ring features Bilbo and Gollum for $ 9.99. The Goblin King battle is a huge set (for $ 99.99) taking place in Goblintown with Gandalf, Dori, Nori, Ori, goblins and, of course, the Goblin King.

Have you already start saving for those sets ?

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