After each Apple’s keynote, it is the time to criticize the new products. Not innovating enough, not powerful enough, still the same… From several years, Apple is criticized for its apparent immobility which can give us some nice videos like this one.

But this year, Apple changed one design, and there is one inspiration which is obvious. This is about the iPhone 5C. If you think that the C stands for Color, you are all wrong. The C is for iPhone 5 Crocs Edition…

The iPhone 5C is a colorful iPhone clearly designed for teenagers. Of course, it was designed to be cool again to teens. Apple also designed a special case for this model.

iphone 5C cases

The colorful iPhone 5C cases

Do you recognize this unique combination of shape and colors ? If you are unlucky, it was the shame of your entire youth during summer. Yes, I am talking about the Crocs !

Colorful Crocs

A selection of colorful Crocs

This year, there will be no more shame wearing Crocs. Crocs are now cool. When you’ll walk along the waterfront, iPhone 5C in hand, wearing your Crocs, you’ll be cool. And don’t think that Crocs are cheap shoes. As the iPhone 5C case is sold $29, the Crocs Classic Clog cost from $14.99 to $47.95.

It is true, summer is over. But if you are a hipster geek living in the Silicone Valley, show it. Proudly wear your Crocs. And if you don’t have any, as today is the starting day to pre-order the iPhone 5C, order Crocs for a perfect match.

Oh, and if your teenage kid asks you for an cool iPhone 5C, you now have a good reason not to buy him one. Just remind him that the design is not suited for him as he didn’t wanted to wear his Crocs last summer 😉

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