March sounds like the return of spring, and that is exactly what awaited the kids at the LEGO Store. This month’s minibuild is a spring tree.

Spring tree

March 2014 minibuild, the Spring Tree

Well, spring tree… Lets say a fun spring tree straight from the Magic Kingdom of UniKitty…

The spring tree

This one is a 62 pieces model and it is an easy build. Except for the eyes, the tree follow the same schema as any of LEGO tree. Even the bird is a common build, the penguins from Batman: The Penguin Face Off (76010) box are exactly the same (well, except for the dynamite).

Now, this tree looks really like the perfect tree for a fairy tail. It will certainly fit in the Cloud Cuckoo Palace (70803). The LEGO Movie came out last month, but it still sounds like the marketing has not gone.

Easter,  Disney Princess and Super Heroes

I gathered the other interesting things in a single photo. First, easter may only be on April 20, but we could already find the Easter Bunny. Its design is close to the Valentine’s day teddy bear from February. They will certainly look nice side by side.

LEGO 40086 30116 Martian Manhunter

Easter bunny, Rapunzel and Martian Manhunter

This month, the Disney Princess collection is released in France. So, a free gift for any Friends or Disney Princess purchase is Rapunzel’s market visit (30116). I don’t really picture Rapunzel visiting a market but who cares. This polybag is an excellent opportunity to get the Rapunzel minidoll for cheap as the character is only available in Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower (41054) which costs $59.99.

Finally, available for a certain amount of purchase, the Martian Manhunter is a nice addition to any Super Heroes collection. He don’t comes for cheap and the polybag contains only the minifigure.

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