Starting today with the Black Friday and until the end of the weekend, you can get for free the tree truck, a limited edition set numbered 40083. This set was available for the VIP customers last weekend and I just received my order. So, here is my quick review.

Christmas tree truck box front

The box cover (D.Stankovski)

When I opened the delivered box, I expected a polybag, but it was a nice surprise to see this set coming in a box. This is a 118 pieces set for age 7+ from the Creator series.

Christmas tree truck box content

The box content (D.Stankovski)

The truck is designed on the same style as the Creator winter series. It is a old fashioned 50s truck and the final result is really nice. This is a really long and narrow vehicle. It is 6 studs wide and 15 studs long. I have taken a photo of the truck next to the small car so you can get an idea of its size.

Christmas tree truck next to a car

The truck next to a car (D.Stankovski)

As you can see on the back of the box, this truck was designed together with the Christmas Tree Seller which was offered on the same purchase conditions last month. Both of them are great additions to the winter village series, especially if you add this booth to the Winter Village Market.

Christmas tree truck box back

The back of the box (D.Stankovski)

As I don’t collect that series (WAF problem there…), I didn’t took the Christmas tree seller. But the truck is a great vehicle. You don’t have to deliver christmas trees, this truck fits in any City play.

Christmas tree truck

The truck (D.Stankovski)

Overall, this is a nice set you can get with any purchase of $99 in the US, £50 in the UK or 55€ in the rest of Europe. As in the same time, there are some nice discounts on the Lego Store and you are certainly gathering your christmas presents so it is easy to reach that amount and get this truck.

Feel free to say in the comment what you think about this set.

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