November mini build at the LEGO Store

This is November’s mini build from the LEGO Store and this is a nice Lawn Mower.

LEGO 40071 Lawn Mower tractor minibuildThe story behind this lawn mower is that it was designed by a kid. This is the winner of a MOC contest.

But this month, it is not just about the mini build. It is also the first anniversary of our store near Paris and of course we are close to Christmas.

The Lawn Mower mini build

Overall, this is a nice looking model.  There are 44 pieces in the polybag and the vehicle is quite large. Maybe too much… As this is the winner of a MOC contest for kids, we can see that a lot of details could have been much better. But we don’t have access to all parts as LEGO designers. I don’t think I could have done better myself.

The back is nice. The lights are a great detail and the hook can be used to attach a trailer. But because of the overall size, this hook is too high, especially compared to the advent calendar quad.

Winter is coming

There are two great polybags this month: 40058 Decorating the tree and 40059 Santa’s Sleigh. Both of them have been reviewed on Brickset, you can read the Decorating the Tree review and the Santa’s Sleigh review. Both are looking awesome. If you are a collector of advent calendars, you may have a lot of christmas trees, but this one does have a far better design as it is much bigger.

LEGO polybags from november

The polybags from November

As we are in November, you can now manage to get a free pick-a-brick box. You just have to spend a certain amount depending on your currency (55€, £50 or $75) and you’ll get a box you’ll can fill between 27th December 2013 and 31st March 2014. To reach that amount, I got the Galaxy Squad Swarm Interceptor (70701). I don’t really like the design of the Galaxy Squad series, but I wanted a starship to customize and this one is in the right price range. I have to admit that I should watch this series earlier as the vehicles have a clever design. This interceptor is inspired by the B-Wing with its gyroscopic rotating cockpit. Really fun, the kid finally loves it.

LEGO Store Anniversary

Our LEGO Store opened last year, so for its first year celebration, there are some gifts and an event.

There are some polybags to get between the the 6th and 9th of November. Today, we got Ewar (30250), a Chima character with his mini-jet. The next days polybags are unknown.

LEGO Store anniversary event model

The small model for the maxi build for the anniversary of the LEGO Store.

Starting today and until the 9th, there is a LEGO event at the mall : any kid can take part in the building of a giant-sized train. Actually, it seems that it is just the locomotive but that is good. There was a small size model,I just hope that the bigger one would have more details but I doubt it. This event takes place in the mall, not in the LEGO Store, so I suppose it is easier to manage just a big thing rather than something more detailed.

LEGO Store in Disney Village opening

Unfortunately, the opening date of the LEGO Store in Disney Village is still unknown. The opening has been delayed because of an accident on the site. Some members of the LEGO Store in Levallois staff where hired to work in the Store in Disney Village but they still don’t know when. They hope an opening before Christmas, that is all we know.

December 4th update: for the opening date, see the December mini build post.

About Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

Darko Stankovski

Darko Stankovski is the founder and editor of Dad 3.0. You can find more about him trough the following links.

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