If you are a Whomaniac, you know this little trick of the Police Box. The TARDIS is bigger in the inside. Now if you are a geek, you would want to build such a cool object. That is just what Greg Kumparak did.

Greg Kumparak explains in his blog post how he built this TARDIS. Building a TARDIS scale model is not complicated as it is basically a square shaped box. Adding a cool feature like a blinking LED is straightforward. But having it bigger in the inside does require another reality, and this video explains how he did that.

The inside was modeled using Blender. It was then put together in the app using Unity and Qualcomm’s Vuforia API for a real good result. Greg had some tricks to figure out to correctly align the virtual inside with the model, this is explained at the end if his blog post.

The result is a very inspiring project. If you are not familiar with AR APIs, you should really check Vofora’s developer website. The API is available for Android and iOs and opens up great perspectives for apps dealing with your environment.

So, what will be your next great idea ?

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