This month, you are certainly waiting for the return of the Walking Dead. But for LEGO, February is the month of the LEGO Movie. So, the Mini Build had to be about the movie.

LEGO 40095 Micro Manager

The Micro Manager at the LEGO Store

This black box robot is called a Micro Manager. There are already plenty of those in the boxes related to the movie, and this is certainly the simplest model.

The Micro Manager Mini Build

There are 50 pieces in this build. The most interesting is that this is a cubic model. I think that it is the first time my kid had to build something like this. The build is pretty simple. There not that much details, most of the pieces are either hidden inside (15 of them), or are part of the legs (14 pieces). The details are simple but well balances.

I can’t say that this is a nice model, but it happens that the kid likes it. There is something funny in it.

The Piece of Resistance

Of course, there is a free gift this month with any purchase of $50 or more in the US, 30€ or more in Europe. It is also relevant to the movie. The gift is named Piece of Resistance, numbered 30280.

LEGO 30280 Piece of Resistance

The red Piece is hidden in the rocks behind Emmet and the Panda guy.

The polybag contains less than 30 pieces among which, of course, Emmet, his cup, and the Piece to be attached on his back. On the picture above, the Piece is hidden in the rock. The Piece can be revealed after the rock explodes.

So, even if those models where fun to build, we are clearly in a promotion of the movie. I wonder if LEGO isn’t doing too much here, even if the Movie looks great.

Of course, I have to be proud for finding pretty fast the Panda guy in the polybags at the Store. Lucky pick.

Would you be my Valentine ?

The LEGO movie is not the only event in February. No, forget it, there will be no Walking Dead set (even if they could…). I am talking about Valentine’s day. This year, there is a special box (40085) which is not a simple heart, but something that looks like a teddy bear with a heart.

LEGO 40085 Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

The box contains 127 pieces and it is a cute model as we can see on the box.

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